Fruitique was established to provide Mumbai the freshest produce at a fair value. Fruits and vegetables are available in various grades of quality and Fruitique is committed to stocking only the highest grade of produce available

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India has over the last few years, seen a dramatic increase in a population that is adopting a fitter, stronger and healthier lifestyle. This can be seen all around with the rising popularity of marathons, the popping up of gyms on every corner, yoga spreading its wings across the country, biking clubs coming together in every locality and by the sheer number of people you see jogging and walking on the streets every day.

This switch to healthy living has now created a demand for healthy eating as well. Far more conscious about balanced diets, caloric intake, nutritional values and well aware of the dangers of steroid enhanced, chemically grown and genetically mutated food, more and more people are seeking out naturally grown, organic produce.

Fruitique was established with the aim to feed this increasing demand in India for natural, healthy, fresh, chemical-free agricultural produce. And also to grow the demand for natural and organic produce that will encourage local farmers to adopt eco-friendly and safe farming methods thereby getting a higher value for their crops which will lead to a rise in their income and quality of life.




Fruitique Bandra Store

At Fruitique, we are committed to stocking only the highest grade of produce available. Hand-picked from select farms and suppliers, Fruitique offers you an extensive range of local, organic, imported and exotic fruits and veggies that are bursting with flavour and packed with natural goodness. We also have a juice bar and sit out up front where customers can enjoy a variety of freshly squeezed, delicious and healthy juices and smoothies.

Customers can also expect a boutique shopping experience with bright, well lit interiors and air-conditioned comfort, a far cry from the crowded and sweaty markets or unhygienic street vendors. Open pinewood racks make it easy to see the variety of fruits and vegetables available and a professional chiller ensures that perishables remain at their freshest. Customers also get access to our in-shop produce expert who will help them pick out the fruits and veggies they are looking for, as well as answer any queries they may have. And our cheerful and friendly shop staff will ensure that you always get a warm reception and a speedy check-out. For those who can’t make it or would like to place regular orders, we also offer free home delivery.

Fruitique is the destination for the discerning consumer who is looking for the best quality fruits and vegetables at a fair value. So if you are fussy about what you eat, drop into Fruitique.