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Avocado Hass New Zealand

Avocado- the ever popular and trending fruit amongst the millennials. Hass avocados have a higher oil percentage making them more creamy. It is rich in fiber, potassium, heart healthy ftas and powerful antioxidants.
Rs. 300.00
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Blueberry Peru

Blueberries are a perfect combination of decandent, sweet and tart flavour. Packed with highest immunity boosting anti oxidants compared to all fruitsand are rich in potassium and vitamin C making it a great snack.
Rs. 300.00
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Cherry Canada

Wickedly luscious yet amazingly healthy, you can now grab your wintry favourite cherries all around the year. Known to boost muscle recovery and improve your beauty sleep, cherries are paired best with dark chocolate for a decadent treat.
Rs. 800.00
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Mangosteen Thailand

Also referred to as the queen of fruits, Mangosteen has a sweet and tangy flavour. They are a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins. They contain a special antioxidant called xanthones which when combined with vitamin C boosts the immunity system. It also helps regulate blood pressure and improves the heart health.
Rs. 550.00
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Blackberries are a great addition to any diet. They are a fairly good source of iron, vitamin C and their powerful antioxidants give them their deep purple colour.
Rs. 825.00
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Raspberry Portugal

Deep coloured, tender textured and a sweet delicate taste make raspberries everyone's favorite berry. Low in calories but high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Happy snacking !!!
Rs. 750.00
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Nectarine Yellow Spain

Nectarines have red, yellow, or white flesh and are a source of Vitamin A and C. They are commonly eaten fresh or cooked in jams and pies. They are generally grown in the warmer temperature regions. Nectarines are low in calories and rich in fiber. The nutrients in nectarine fruit offer health benefits in terms of improved metabolism, digestion and heart health.
Rs. 625.00
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Peach Flat/Donut Spain

Beautiful on the eye and sweet on the tounge flat peaches are packed with vitamins and minerals known to boost heart health, keeping your blood sugar levels and blood pressure steady. Being low in calories it makes it a great snack.
Rs. 590.00
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Dragon Fruit - Red

The red dragon fruit is known for its vibrant red skin and sweet, seeded speckecled pulp. Rich in antioxidants, its naturally fat free and high in fibre. It contains prebiotics which are food that feed the haelthy bacteria in your gut.
Rs. 120.00
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Peach White Spain

Peaches are large with a red, velvety and fuzzy skin.Their flesh is tender yet firm with a sweet sometimes slightly tart flavour. Peaches protect against cancer, lower cholestrol and relives one from obesity. They maintain the health of the nervous system, bones, eyes, teeth and skin.
Rs. 575.00
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Grapes Red Chile

Red grapes are earthy, rich, and reminiscent of your favourite wine. Whether you eat them fresh, frozen, juiced or jammed, they will uprotect you against diabetes and keep your cholestrol in check.
Rs. 220.00
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Kiwi Golden New Zealand

Golden kiwi has a bronze toned with smooth hairless paper thin skin. The taste of the golden kiwi is smoother and sweeter as it is high in natural fructose. They contain about 75% of an adults daily vitamin requirement. The fruit is low in calories hence its no surprise they are popular in diets.
Rs. 210.00
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Italian Crimson Red Seedless Grapes

Red seedless grapes are firm,crisp having a sweet with a mild, neutral flavour. They contain significant amount of vitaminns A, C and K and contain flavonoids such as resveratrol which provide high antioxidants qualities that can help boost overall health
Rs. 650.00
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Rambutan Thailand

Furry, bright red fruits with a creamy white centre having a sweet flavour. They are low in calories, yet rich in water and fiber. This combination keeps you feeling fuller for longer which can lead to weight loss. The high water content keeps you hyrated. Also they have high amounts of vitamin C, iron and copper.
Rs. 450.00
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Strawberry Netherlands

Strawberries are sweet, bright red berries packed with vitamins, fiber and particurly high level of antioxidants known as polyphenols, strawberries are sodium-free, fat-free and a low calorie food.
Rs. 900.00
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Red current berries are known as " Superfruits " have bittersweet taste. As they have naturally high antioxidant capacity. They are also a good supply of vitamin C and K, manganese and potassium.
Rs. 600.00
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